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Welcome to HSK's Skating School


HSK - A versatile and energetic, active sports club

HSK, founded in1875, is an energetic and ever-evolving sports club. We offer Finland's widest range of opportunities in figure skating: single skating, synchronized skating, ice dance and skating school. All sports are professionally coached by experienced trainers.

Due to the success in competitions HSK was awarded the Ludovika and Walter Jacobson Trophy for the sixth time in a row as the best Finnish figure skating club in 2012-2013 by the Finnish Figure Skating Association.


Learning basic skills in the skating school

HSK's skating school skaters learn basic skills in a happy, supportive and positive atmosphere. All our skating schools follow a well prepared program all through the season. The trainers in charge have been trained by the Finnish Figure Skating Association.

Skating School trainers follow the children's development and transfer them to the next level group if needed. The skating school provides skaters with the basic skills. With enthusiasm and achieved skill it's possible to move on to either HSK's single skating, ice dance or synchronized skating groups. The trainers will give more information about these groups.


Starting at the skating school

After registration in the skating school's first lesson, all skaters will have a name tag, in which the trainer attaches the color code of the skater's group. Remember to keep your name tag always with you during the lessons. In the first lessons trainers divide children into small groups by age and starting level.

Skating skills are learned through games, trick tracks and with a variety of teaching tools. Figure skating elements will become familiar by basic exercises, and at the end of the season skaters will have succeeded to learn many wonderful turns, jumps, slides, and pirouettes.

Towards the end of the skating school skaters will be able to perform the skills that they've learned at the club events (Christmas party in the end of the autumn and HSK's Club Day in the spring season).


Be prepared for changes in the training time

Skating School lessons may have to be cancelled during the period or the skating school time may vary due to events held at the rinks. This applies in particular to the Helsinki Ice Arena (Töölö) skating school. We will try our best to announce cancellations beforehand by giving notice at our website, as well as by e-mail.

If the skater is ill or for example on vacation and not able to take part in his/her own lesson, he/she can have a replacement class in another skating school lesson.

Follow our website

On our website you will find more information and news about the club, upcoming events and also useful information about the skating school.

Skating School questions; email luistelukoulu.hsk(at)gmail.com or tel. 050 320 6957



Many kids stay in the skating school two or even three semesters.  After learned how to skate there will be a question how to learn more, could this be a new hobby and how to move forward.
In HSK we offer following paths to continue skating in advanced levels.

Single skating path starts from Taiturit-group, aged 4-5 yrs old skaters and continuing to second and third develeopent levels before moving forward to first competition level. Each development level takes one or two semesters depending on how the skater develops. Taiturit-group have practices twice/week including off-ice or dance and ice-practice.

Synchronized skating path starts from Synchro-school, aged 5-6 yrs old skaters and continuing to Synchro-Advanced group before moving to competitive teams. Each development level takes one or two semesters depending on how the skater develops. Synchro-school have practises twice/week including off-ice and ice practice. Synchro advanced-group have practices three times/week including off-ice and ice practice.

Skaters are welcome to join both groups once or twice during March-April to test if they like to continue in it. Skaters can also be chosen by individual invitation to the above mentioned groups practice sessions.

Continuing at the skating school is also an option for children, who want to stay there.  Fall season begins appr. September 9th and registration will be open from mid-August.

For more detailed information please contact responsible coaches:

Taiturit – Eveliina Isolehto, eveliinaisolehto.hsk@gmail.com
Synchro-school / Synchro Advanced group – Anna Heliö, annahelio.hsk@gmail.com
HSK Officehsktoimisto@gmail.com / luistelukoulu.hsk@gmail.com

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