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Congratulations for choosing a wonderful hobby! HSK offers you widest range of opportunities in figure skating in Finland: single skating, synchronized skating, ice dance and skating school.




Learning progress in figure skating is often affected by the equipment. A good skate boot supports the ankle and proper blades make learning easier and more comfortable. 

Skates of good quality last long and can always be recycled.

  • Use rubber blade guards when you walk with your skates off ice. The sand from the outdoor footwear might damage your blades.
  • Dry your blades well after skating, they easily get rusted.
  • Don't use wet blade guards after you have dried your blades - use fabric made covers.

The coaches and trainers will give any information you need concerning skating or the equipment. Don't hesitate to ask!

You'll find skates and other equipment e.g. in

Lucky Skate, Minna Canthin katu 22, 00250 Helsinki (Töölö), phone 010 423 6680

Skate Shop, Malminraitti 17, 00700 Helsinki, puh. 010 3979 400

SM-Skate Marketing Oy, Sarkkakuja 2, Tuusula. Puh. 09 275 5548

Recycled skating equipment can be found also at HSK's website, "Välinepörssi".



When you dress for your skating lesson, choose flexible, comfortable, warm sportswear which is easy to train in - you need mobility. Sweat suit e.g. is practical, an extra sweater or cardigan may be put under if needed. Wear a woolly cap and gloves, the ice rinks are often very chilly.

A helmet is optional but often the youngest skaters start with the helmet on.

  • Please, don't wear sandy outdoor clothes at trainings, the sand ruins the ice and the blades.
  • Put your name on all your equipment and always check you don't leave behind any of your belongings when leaving the ice rink.



The get the most out of a training:

  • Be in time at the ice rink, so you have enough time to put on your skates and get ready for the practice. The timing on schedule means lesson on ice. However it's strictly prohibited to go on ice before the trainers.
  • Please, use the dressing room booked for HSK's skating school skaters, don't put your skates on in the stands or at the team bench.
  • After registration in the skating school's first lesson, all skaters will have a name tag. Remember to keep your name tag always with you during the lessons.
  • In the first lessons trainers divide children into small groups by age and starting level. The color of your group is seen on the name tag.
  • We wish that the parents and family members watch the training from the platform for spectators. This way the concentration of the skaters is improved.
  • Don't chew gum or candies on ice!



All the skaters that are under 15 of age and have 1-2 practice per week are insured by HSK according to the rules of the Finnish Figure Skating Association. The insurance is in effect during the skating school lessons. When the season fee has been paid, the insurance is valid. HSK needs the name, address and the social security number of the skater.



Skating school lessons may have to be cancelled during the period or the skating school time may vary due to events held at the rinks. This applies in particular to the Helsinki Ice Arena (Töölö) skating school.

We will try our best to announce cancellations beforehand by giving notice at our website, as well as by e-mail. Don't hesitate to ask if some issue is unclear.

Due the events held in Helsinki Ice Arena (Töölö) the parking lot might be fully booked or they might ask for a payment. More information about the events at the Arena's website.



Our wish is that a skater regularly takes part in the lesson he/she has enrolled to.

If the skater is ill or for example on vacation and not able to take part in his/her own lesson, he/she can have a replacement class in another skating school lesson. Please inform the trainers before the replacing lesson that you're from another lesson!




The season fee depends on how many trainings the skater participates in a week.

Once/week = 15 skating school lessons, Fall or Spring, 155 €
Twice/week = 30 skating school lessons, Fall or Spring, 230 €

In addition we charge the club fee 30 € and the skating school licence 11 € which includes also insurance. These fees are valid from July 1st until June 30th.

If there are more than one child skating from the same family the discount is 10 % from the lowest fee. To participate in the skating school the season fee must be paid. HSK will send a bill after the child has participated in two lessons.




  • Myllypuro: Buses 58, 58B, 80, 92, metro and buses to Itäkeskus

  • Kaarela: Buses 42, 43 and all buses driving Hämeenlinnanväylä (bus stop 1953 Kaarelantie)

  • Hernesaari: Bus 14

  • Salmisaari: Buses to Lauttasaari, tram 8, metro to Ruoholahti

  • Oulunkylä: Buses 52, 61, 64, 69, 550, 552, 553, train to Oulunkylä

  • Helsinki Ice Arena (Töölö): Buses to Mannerheimintie (bus stop Kansaneläkelaitos) and Nordenskiöldinkatu (bus stop Auroran sairaala), trams 2, 3, 4, 10

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